..: About Us
SSHIRC was born out of the desire to provide affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare to the citizens of Nashik. The untiring efforts and selfless service of Dr. Aniruddha Dharmadhikari finally paid off and thus started the journey of SSHIRC.

The hospital is committed to ensure the holistic well being of all patients. Led by Dr. Dharmadhikari, the hospital is well equipped to deal with minor, major and supra-major cardiac cases. We operate round the clock and offer 24 - hour cardiac ambulance, medical store, radiology and pathology labora-tory services. We offer the best facilities to ensure the maximum care and comfort of our patients. Our comprehensive medical check-up programmes are beneficial to all. We are also equipped with a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center which offers professional guidance on post-surgical diet, exercise, yoga, etc.

At SSHIRC, the team work is something that most of us understand intuitively. For all the doctors at our hospital teamwork signifies a co-operative effort to achieve a common goal. Our goal is the systematic and precise treatment and rehabilitation of our patients. We utilise new technologies, new medical tools and new opportunities for the collaborative delivery of hospital care, thus benefiting the patient overall.